Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia

My name is Deanna Bailey. I started going to the Boys and Girls Club when I was 10 years old. I was a member until I graduated high school. That would make about 8 years as a Club Member at the Carl D. Thomas Unit.

I loved being a Club Member! I made friends with people that I still talk to 10+ years later. Being a Boys and Girls Club member exposed me to so many different opportunities I would have never thought to be a part of. I had never played golf or thought to play until being a club member. I also had the opportunity to go to Atlanta and compete for Georgia Youth of the Year after winning the title for Central Georgia.

I am now a teacher in the same community I was a Club Member in.

Thank You BGCCG

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia was an outlet for me. Attending the King Danforth Unit was the best decision for me. As a Club kid, I learned how to overcome social anxiety, gained confidence, and explored several colleges and Universities. One of my most significant accomplishments as a Club kid was being awarded the Central Georgia Youth of the Year Scholarship. Winning not only showed me all I am capable of, but it allowed me to have a financial stipend to take to the college of my choice. Thank You, BGCCG.

I am so grateful for my son’s wonderful opportunity to attend the 2023 Boys and Girls Club of Central Georgia HBCU Tour! He came back with a better understanding of what to look for while applying for college this year. He is now saying” I can get into the college’s honor programs”!

-Proud Parent

Thanks BGCCG!! 

While growing up at the Club, I loved the rare experiences and opportunities BGCCG offered to youth in my neighborhood. Being a Club Kid taught me to play golf, enjoy Karate, and even create music videos.

As a Club Kid, I had the opportunity to compete and win the 2022 Central Georgia Youth of the Year title and even continue to earn the opportunity to represent the state of Georgia in the Southeast Regional Youth of the Year competition.

One of the most important lessons I learned from Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia is how significant their impact is on our community. The Club helped raise me into the independent, confident, and resilient person I am today.
I remember experiencing the Central Georgia Club’s positive impact on the younger generation because I was once in their shoes. All youth should be able to walk through those big blue doors and experience being a Club Kid. The mission and standards that BGCCG stands on are prime examples of the great resources your child will receive.

BGCCG is more than just an after-school or summer program. It is a place youth can call a second home where they can form genuine and healthy relationships and become caring, productive, and responsible citizens that will last a lifetime!

-Thank You BGCCG

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