Shells and Scales!

And the winners are!

Class A                                 Class B                                 Class C

1st. Place: Lance Keen        1st. Place: Brent Lowe               1st. Place Angel Shiver

2nd Place: Tee Hobbs         2nd Place: Spencer Strickland   2nd Place: Anthony Horton

3rd Place: Brian DeMichiel  3rd Place: Dan Forrester           3rd Place: Sheila Stokes


Proof in numbers


98% of members

advance to their next grade level.

85% of members

engage in exercise and physical activities 5+ days a week. 

83% of members

receive mostly A's & B's on their report cards. 


81 % of members

enrolled in our after school programs completed all daily homework assignments

We are making a positive impact with measurable results.

Enabling all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. 

Nothing you ever do for children is wasted.
— Garrison Keillor


Phillip Bryant | President & CEO

Jacquelyn Webb-Simmons | Administrative Service Director & Executive Assistant to the CEO

Kristine Steinmann | VP of Whole Child Program Operations

Lea Toney | Program Compliance & Outcomes Director

Harold Hatcher | Area Operations Director

Esther Suarez | Finance Director

Lisa McLendon | Development Director

Lisa Rigdon | Nutrition Services Director