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The Love Languages of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia

young children smiling

Do you know what your love language is?

We all have them, different ways we like to receive or give love by or to our friends and family. For some people, being surprised with an unexpected gift is the way to one’s heart. For others, it’s about the time and attention you’re willing to give them. Encouragement is also one of the languages used, saying an occasional, “you’re doing great” or “I am here for you” can go such a long way. For some people, it’s the little things that speak to them. Remembering their favorite food or bringing them a cup of coffee will bring a smile to their face. At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia we are masters at finding ways to care and support our club members.

Words of Affirmation

Feeling like you are supported and cared for is important at any age, particularly at a young age. When a child walks through our club doors, we never know their circumstances. Some kids come from a single-parent household, some have big families where they maybe don’t feel as seen or as heard. Some children may just lack confidence or faith in themselves. Each child is different and before we even get to know them, we know as soon as they walk through our doors, they will have our unconditional support and affirmation in their capabilities. Zhane, from our Murphy Felton Tindall Club, says that “the Boys and Girls Clubs are always there for me.” Being there to remind our club members that we see them and hear them, that they’re doing a great job and we are so proud of them, will always be a priority.

Quality Time

Whether it’s your first day at the Boys and Girls Clubs or you’ve been a club member for 7 years like Zion has at our Candler County Unit Club, we make sure to spend time with each and every one of our members. In turn, as our members keep coming, they make friendships with other club members that they love spending time with. When asked, “how do you like spending your time at the Club?” the unanimous answer was, “with my friends.” We believe it is these relationships between mentors, volunteers and other youth that help build character amongst our club kids. Healthy and supportive interactions are essential for children because in many cases they learn by mirroring behavior. The time we spend interacting with our Club kids is important to them, as it to us.

Acts of Service

What do the Clubs do for you? We asked our Club kids this question and an answer we received was, “If you ask for help,
they will help you.” Whether it’s helping with homework or making sure there’s playtime, we strive to make sure their needs and wants are met. Acts of kindness are made easy when the love and passion for what you’re doing is there. At the Boys and Girls Clubs you’ll find that it is. The time and care that is spent into giving our Club members our best is quite noticeable, especially to our Club kids, just ask Kenadi from our Candler County Unit Club!


When people think of gifts, material wants usually are the first to pop into your head. While we do gift our Club kids with treats and toys from time to time, we believe in other forms of gifts as well. Our Club Leaders gift their time, patience, wisdom, support and so much more each and every day. In return, each child that walks through our doors is a gift to us. The friendships and bonds formed are a gift, the memories made are a gift, and unlike a candy bar or a stuffed animal these gifts last forever.