Our impact in the community reaches from yesterday's students to today's youth to tomorrow's leaders. Here are a few stories of how the Boys & Girls Clubs is affecting our community.

Judge Verda Colvin

My mom and dad divorced when I was six. My mom worked for the Coca Cola Company in their cafeteria as a cashier. It was just the two of us. I remember when I was about eight my mom gave me a house key on a rope necklace. That was my way to leave and reenter home everyday when I would walk to and from my home to the local West End Girls Club every summer. I remember the mentors there really caring- caring about us as kids who didn't have every luxury, caring about our experience at the club and caring about our success.

So many of my formative experiences happened there. I learned what it felt like to be a ballerina. I took my first any only ballet class there- tights and leotard and tutu!!  My mom reminded me that the Girls Club is where I learned how to swim, a valuable skill that I helped my two children learn. I never would have had that experience otherwise. I remember climbing on the van to go to activities outside the club-movies and the like. I remember climbing a big hill outside the club to go the playground.

My club gave me a sense of belonging. They reminded me that I mattered. They thought I counted. They inspired me to BELIEVE. I will never forget that experience and its impact in my emotional journey.

Had the Club not have been there, I would have been one of the countless number of kids sitting in the house alone all day with only a television to babysit me. I owe a lot to the Boys & Girls Clubs!

katrina williams

Katrina is our newest addition to our leadership team, however, she's not new to the Boys & Girls Club. From a young age Katrina was a part of the Club, she started at our Carl D. Thomas Memorial Club and visited some of our other locations. In 2005, Katrina was a representative for Youth of the Year, her talent was art, something she still loves to do today! After graduating high school, Katrina obtained her bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor is Organization Management. She taught Pre-K

and Headstart, all while working part-time at the Boys & Girls Club. She then became the assistant director for our Forsyth-Monroe County Club and is now our organization-wide program manager. ⁠

Katrina's newest focus is the Pregnancy Prevention Program. The program has been amazing, the youth are receptive and communicating, the attendance is high, and the parents are giving us great feedback as well! We can't wait to see the success Katrina will continue to bring to the Boys & Girls Clubs. ⁠

Stay tuned for more stories!


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