College Scholarships: Looking Local

The school year is nearing an end, for most high school seniors that means a new beginning is emerging. One of those new beginnings goes by the name of higher education. This means, for maybe the first time ever, being on your own. It is daunting to say the least, even more so is the thought of this thing called “adulting”. Luckily, Macon, Georgia is known for being a college town. We are home to some of the best schools in Central Georgia including Middle Georgia State University, Wesleyan College, and Mercer University. This means you might not have to go too far from the community that helped you get to where you are. In fact, our community wants to keep helping our youth achieve their goals. Macon and many of its local-based organizations, nonprofits, and companies give out a handful of scholarships each year. Most scholarships have already stopped receiving applications, but here are some that are still open.

Tom Bentley Memorial Continuing Education Scholarship

Studying is key to the path of academic excellence.

This Scholarship is offered by Midsouth Community Federal Credit Union looking to award high school seniors who have been accepted into an accredited college, university or technical school. The total scholarship award is $2000, paid to the recipient’s institution at no more than $500 installments per semester.


  • Must have a membership account with Midsouth Community Federal Credit Union that was opened on or before January 1, 2021.

Deadline: April 30th

R.A. Bowen Trust

Volunteer to set yourself apart from other applicants.

The R.A. Bowen Trust is a scholarship looking to serve local undergraduate students who are or will be enrolled at an accredited four year institution full time. The total scholarship award is $2000 per academic year for one academic year. The scholarship is renewable after each year for a maximum of four years.


  • Students applying must be from the Macon, Georgia area (Bibb County, Crawford County, Houston County, Jones County, Monroe County, Peach County, or Twiggs County).


  • Planning to attend Wesleyan College or Mercer University in Macon, Georgia.

Deadline: May 1st

Jaques Foundation

Extracurriculars can help diversify your application.

The Jaques Foundation Scholarship is intended for well-rounded students with definitive educational goals who also demonstrate financial need in their higher education goals.


  • Minimum of 2.0 GPA

  • Resident of the Bibb County area or surrounding area.

Deadline: May 1st

The Rotary Education Foundation of Macon

Build relationships with your mentors and role models.

The Rotary Education Foundation of Macon was established by the Macon Rotary Club. This Scholarship is intended to go towards students who demonstrate financial need as well as good character and excel in their academic performance. The total award is $500 per academic year, but can be renewed every year, for a maximum of four years.


  • Must reside in the Bibb County or Central Georgia area.


  • Attending Mercer University or Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia.

Deadline: June 1st

There is still time. Apply to these scholarships while you still can. Let your community help you towards a promising future. Share with friends and family to give them an opportunity as well.

Great Futures Start Here!

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