Planned Giving to Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia is a gift of accumulated assets for children.  Your gift may be undesignated or designated to our endowment, which helps to subsidize our programs. Shrinking tax dollars, inflation and a growing number of children requiring Club services to ensure a Great Future, are just a few of the reasons we ask you to think of making a gift to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia.  Please click here to learn more ways you can give a planned gift.

Some Easy Ways To Do Planned Giving

A BEQUEST IN YOUR WILL.  That's the way most people make gifts of accumulated assets.  It can be a direct bequest of a stated amount of money.  However, you might like to consider a percentage of your estate instead of a defined dollar amount because you never know what the value of your estate may be at your death. A residuary bequest is another option.  It is when the remainder of your estate is given to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia after everything and everyone else is paid or remembered.

A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY.   You may assign dividends or name the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia as your primary or contingent beneficiary for all or part of the proceeds of the policy.  Or the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia can purchase a life insurance policy on your life.  The premiums would be donated annually by you to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia.  Tax benefits may come with life insurance benefits, and you should ask your life insurance agent for details.


You might consider naming the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central for part or all of the funds in your retirement plan after your loved ones are not available to receive the benefits.  The person or financial institution handling your IRA, other retirement plan or profit-sharing account can help.

Or you can make a gift and receive an income.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia offers:

  • charitable gift annuities - $1,000 minimum gift

  • Deferred charitable gift annuities - $1,000 minimum

  • Pooled income Fund - $2,000 minimum gift

  • Charitable Reminder Trusts - $50,000 minimum gift

Income rates and tax benefits vary and are determined by your gift and the life income vehicle you choose.  For example, a gift of appreciated stock could reduce your capital gains and make for a larger gift to our institution.

But tax relief is not the major reason that people make gifts.  It is because they believe in a charity's mission.  The result is most donors live longer, heal faster and are mentally healthier than their "Scrooge" counterparts.  So come on, get healthy.  GIVE TO THE BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF CENTRAL GEORGIA.  Developing children have been our mission for 80+ years.

If you would like more information about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia or Planned Giving, please contact us at 478-743-4153 or


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