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Georgia Youth of the Year Aliayah Simmons Begins New Chapter

By Dr. Catherine Meeks

The Absalom Jones Episcopal Center for Racial Healing is pleased to announce that Aliayah Simmons has been appointed the Bishop Barbara Harris Justice Project Young Scholar Intern for the 2022-2023 academic year.

She will have an opportunity to work with seasoned media personnel as she pursues her interest in journalism and media. She will assist with podcasts, blogs, social media, live streaming programs, and collecting, recording and editing oral histories from persons living in African American communities that have been displaced by urban renewal and gentrification.

She has enthusiastically stepped up to the challenge of learning to do new things in the media world and brings a warm cooperative spirit to this work that the Center staff is very pleased about. Along with this the Center staff is quite pleased to be a part of helping to make sure that she has a very successful first year in college by providing a supportive environment while helping her to develop the many skills that she brings to the table along with her sense of vision and hope for herself.

She is a delight and we are so thankful for the wonderful work that the Boys and Girls Clubs of America do in helping to shepherd young people such as this along the path that helps them to realize their gifts and actualize them in ways that support a life of peace and success.

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