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Dancing Towards Healthy Lifestyles

Dancing Towards Healthy Lifestyles

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia had the pleasure of working with Hayiya Dance company throughout the month of October. Through this partnership our Club kids at our King-Danforth Unit Club experienced learning, what is known as a classic during this time of year, Michael Jackson’s Thriller Dance. Check out this photo gallery of some behind the scenes shots during the dance process.

Each week our Club kids would learn new steps to the Thriller Dance and build on those dance moves with each class. Our kids enjoyed them so much they can even recall what their favorite dance moves were. From jazz hands to stomping, each participant had a different answer. But of course, they all loved being zombies.

Through all the fun, we witnessed leadership emerging from our Club members, some stepped forward to help teach our younger children their dance steps. While others helped keep their group on task. Leadership is a quality within us all, that’s why enriching experiences like these are fundamental for the development of our youth.

Our Club kids had the honor of learning from some of the best, accredited dance instructors residing in Middle Georgia. Pilar Wilder Lowden is the artistic director and founder of Hayiya Dance Theatre. This year the studio celebrated their 20th anniversary. Pictured to the right is Princess Davis, between these two instructors, our Club members couldn’t have enjoyed themselves more.

Hayiya Dance Theatre worked tirelessly not just to teach the kids at the Boys & Girls Clubs but the community as well. Each week they held classes in various parks to teach our community Michael Jackson’s Thriller, all in preparation for the 15th annual Thriller Dance Parade, “Middle Georgia’s Largest Halloween Street Party.”

Hayiya Dance Theatre’s Mission is to educate, entertain, and engage the community by providing opportunities for cultural arts enrichment and exposure.

Healthy Lifestyles can be fun! We love introducing new ways to keep the heart rate up and the movement flowing. A huge thank you to Hayiya Dance Theatre for sharing their expertise with us. Our kids loved it and we are already plotting for next year.