Club Kid Spotlight: Cameron

Cameron has been coming to the club for 7 years. He drove by the Buck Melton Center and saw the ‘Grand Opening’ sign and decided to join. He’s glad he did. 
The program Cameron most enjoys is being a part of the Keystone Club, a group within the Boys & Girls Club that commits to community service activities afterschool. He enjoys participating in Felton Homes Cleanup and area beautification. “It’s important to keep your community looking good so people will want to be here, and want to be a part of something.”
The 10th grader credits the club with helping him get through math class. “I get tutoring help with my math. I wouldn’t have that if I wasn’t at the club.” Cameron appreciates the specific space for teens to gather at the club. “It’s a safe place to be, rather than on the streets after school.”
After graduation, Cameron hopes to go to college to become a Private Investigator. Planning on solving crimes and chasing down bad guys, Cameron has his eye on a great future. His advice to other club members? “Stay with the club- do every program you can do, and you’ll better yourself. Time flies by.”

Tricia Velasco