Club Kid Gives Back


Tanita grew up in the Club, and is now happy to work as a Youth Development Professional at the Murphy Felton Tindall Club. Everyone knows her as ‘Sweety’ because her sunny and positive disposition. Sweety became a Club kid when she was in 7th grade. When she got out of school, her parents were still at work, so she came to the Club to get help with her math homework. 
“The Club taught me initiative, and how to stay focused,” The Club kept pushing her, and she is thankful. When asked what advice she gives to current 7th graders at the club, she says, 
 “When I was in school, I tried to follow the crowd. After I came here, I realized you don’t need to follow anyone else, and I could go on my own. Be yourself, don’t try to be like anyone else. It’s a difficult lesson to learn.” 
“There were girls I wanted to be like, and things aren’t going good for them right now. I’m just glad I did come to the Boys & Girls club, and now I’m in a good place. I’m glad I came.”
“Stay in the Club- in the streets there’s nothing but trouble, and it’ll make you fall into it, and have you doing stuff you don’t want to do, and shouldn’t be doing. [The Club] It’s a safe place.”
“Be yourself, don’t be afraid to try new things, but positive things. You’ll learn respect, and you’ll get respect in return.” 

Tricia Velasco