Murphy Felton Tindall Member: Cherie

‘Someone told me that there are consequences to all negative actions, and I see these consequences happening to a lot of people I know,’ says Ballard Middle schooler, Cherie. Cherie has been coming to the Murphy Felton Tindall club since she was in 6th grade. 
“The staff really relates to us teens. We talk about relevant things, one day Ms. Nakia had a program on drugs, and it got real. We talked about what drugs can do to you, and to your family. That was real good. And you don’t learn that in school”
The Club also allows her to get to hang out with her friends from school, and it also allows her to meet new people, who attend school elsewhere. The club keeps her staying positive. “We talk about our strengths, and we go around each week and talk about what good things are happening in our life. And that doesn’t happen anywhere but the Club.”
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Tricia Velasco