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Aubry Boyd first walked into Second Street Boys & Girls Club when he was in sixth grade, and it changed his life forever. Aubry immediately became involved in many of the programs provided at the Boys and Girls Club including the Torch Club, and later becoming the first Keystone Club president. Through his time as a member, Aubry was helpful and devoted. He would later become a dedicated alumnus, volunteering regularly as a coach and motivational speaker. 

Aubry was introduced to the game of basketball at the Club, which became his passion and a catalyst for his college education.  Aubry was one of the top basketball recruits from the area, and signed an athletic scholarship with Florida State University.  While playing for the Seminoles, Aubry caught the eye of NBA recruits and was slated as a top draft pick.  Unfortunately, plans change, and Aubry was injured during a pick-up football game, becoming paraplegic. 

Many would have been devastated by such a life altering event; however, Aubry’s character shone through and he continued to work tirelessly with the Boys & Girls Clubs to inspire youth.  Upon returning to Macon, Aubry organized an annual basketball tournament, “The Aubry Boyd Basketball Tournament.” The tournament allows adults in the Macon community to showcase their talents in a local competition.  This tournament has been hosted for the past twenty years and is highly anticipated event by Club members. 

Aubry also takes part in organizing the Second Street Boys & Girls annual reunion every summer. In recent years, Boyd spends time speaking at schools and Boys & Girls Clubs about his life experience at the Club and playing college basketball.

Aubry’s perseverance and commitment is the embodiment of the Boys & Girls Clubs mission “to enable all youth to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”