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7 Reasons Your Child Should Attend BGCCG’s Summer Camp

For many, Summer Camp is a term of nostalgia, memories of hot days being cooled off with a popsicle, learning a skill or hobby, or playing games with childhood friends are often brought to the forefront when you think of Summer Camp. The way a child spends their summer break has more impact than you would think. While summer vacation may entail a break from school that does not mean that all learning should stop. Young developing minds require engagement and stimulation, which is exactly why Summer Camp is the place to be. But not just any Summer Camp, your child belongs at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia’s 2022 Summer Camp.

If you need a reason, here are seven:

1. Safety

At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia you can rest easy knowing your child is in the best care possible. To ensure every child is looked after, we have staff and volunteers ratioed to the number of summer campers. This method guarantees our staff is never overwhelmed and enables them to provide the individual care and support each and every child deserves. We even go the extra mile to have CPR and first aid certified staff!

2. Healthy Meals

Our Summer Camp runs from 7:30AM to 5:30PM, during that time it’s important to us that our youth get the nourishment they need. We provide USDA approved meals that include breakfast, lunch, and snacks at all our Club locations.

3. Premier Programs

We provide nationally approved programs that focus on learning loss, health, and building character. At our Summer Camp you will find youth engaged and being prepared not only for the next school year, but life as a responsible and caring citizen.

4. Educational & Fun

Each Club location has unique field trip opportunities planned for the summer. While students may be venturing outside the Club, there will also be a variety of in-house field trips happening throughout the summer. Our field trips are as educational as they are fun, we make sure to have a balance of both so that our youth have the best experience possible.

5. Relationships

Instead of building a relationship with a phone or television screen for the summer your child will have the chance to interact with youth their own age. Building relationships is a crucial part of early childhood development. Our summer camp provides peer to peer interaction with young people of all ages. Interactions with adults are equally as important, it teaches youth how to listen, respect, and respond to adults.

6. Personal Growth

Summer Camp not only pushes your child out of their comfort zone, but it can also help them find it. Summer Camp gives your child the chance to meet new people, make new friends, learn a skill, discover a passion, etc. Achievements are what help build self-esteem and confidence, the BGCCG will ensure that every child accomplishes what they set out to achieve. Our youth will be celebrated for their efforts and successes no matter how big or small.

7. Affordability

At only $200 per child for the entire summer, our Summer Camp provides healthy, character building, and educational programming. At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia’s Summer Camp your child is guaranteed a healthy breakfast and lunch with snacks. Summer Camp goers will have the opportunity to experience and learn from field trips in and out of the Clubs. They will be educated with nationally approved programs in a safe and welcoming space for a total of nine weeks.

The BGCCG’s 2022 Summer Camp began Tuesday, May 31st but it’s not too late to register your child. Visit any of our Club locations in Bibb County, our Forsyth-Monroe Club, or our Candler County Club to register. Feel free to call ahead and speak to our Club Directors about capacity and location. BGCCG Summer Camp is first come, first served. Once Clubs reach capacity, children will be placed on a waiting list. Our Summer Camp runs from May 31st – July 29th from 7:30AM – 5:30PM, closed June 20th and July 4th – 8th.

For more information, questions, or concerns speak with our Vice President of Youth Development, Joseph Matchett at (478) 621-4304 or email at